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Plus they keep a database of the colors I've used so if I forget what the name of the living room color is, they can check and mix it up again. As much as I love white and gray, I did love the aqua/turquoise color island. Up to 75% Off. I think it’s your best bet. Which do you think would work better, agreeable grey or repose grey? It’s a beautiful color and looks perfect in your home! Send me an email, I love to help! Thank you! Use these tips to help you paint your room like a pro. Thank you!!! SW is the best when it comes to customer service. Our large 16 foot sliding windows face east (lots of light in the morning). Or a good referral for a painter who is not creepy, freaky, or pricey. Love seeing the process of your remodel fun to watch. Hi Lauren, Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. I can’t figure out what to use. Thank you! Pulling off the tape reveals the most crisp, sharp and straight line that you'll ever see! I want to paint my island a darker color and the walls a lighter color. The color is Sherwin Williams Alabaster. Also, would Snowbound trim go with Repose? Pls check out my web site as well and let me know what you think. I also have a cherry kitchen that I wanted to paint the walls, also repose gray. :-). Yes, it makes a huge difference! 4. Have any photos of the finished 50% repose? (Not my choice) Please provide some suggestions. it all comes down to whether or not you want more of a cool or warm-toned gray wall color. I've been busy and not reading all your recent updates (sorry) Today I had some "me" time and opened this installment. However, it’s pulls cooler than many other gray paint colors because of that hint of purple/ blue in it. Just keep an extra printout of the formula for matching. (In homage to them), my Aunt Sally and Uncle Charlie Mills owned Public Paint & Wallpaper in Rushville, IN. I had heard about it before. Hi Sarah, Your kitchen is looking incredible! Thinking of doing Repose at 50% or 25% all other areas of house (North facing). Painting the entire home repose gray! My woodwork and kitchen cabinets are dark…think coffee stain with an off white island. Thanks! You have a beautiful home ❤️. Thank you! Hi Nicole! WHere are you finding the cabinets to recycle? © 2018-2021 West Magnolia Charm All Rights Reserved. The Best Teal Paint Color -Riverway SW 6222, The Best Sherwin Williams Gray Paint Colors. I am LOVING the progress so far!!! What would you suggest is best for trim? Do you find Repose leans cooler or warmer once lightened? Great tip! Personally I like a front door color that is different from the rest of the home. I know some colors shift a bit once adjusted. Ultimate Bar Stool Sale ... 50% lightened Repose Gray and kitchen Island color help. My goal is light and bright and airy! So the higher on the scale the more light it reflective the paint color will be. Trying to decide what color to paint our vanity to go with repose gray we used on the walls and happened on your account from Pinterest. We only had 15(!) SW is the bomb! And we had a small budget to stick to, so it was one of those take what you can get situations. It's also just a smidge darker than Agreeable Gray, but the difference is barely noticeable. I totally agree with you! Everything was sprayed with SW Extra White (perfect white if you want a classic, neutral white for moldings or cabinets). I have decorators white in the trim in the one room we’ve painted so far (the walls in that room are revere pewter). . I’m using Repose Gray everywhere except in the bathrooms where I’m trying to match the pretty clear blue green glass pebbles of the shower accent band. Love the kitchen! And this is why Repose Gray can look blue at times. That’s probably why the wall samples of Repose Gray are coming off way too dark. We did eventually find a color we liked (ACTUALLY....agreed on) and all our painting is done now. Thank you for this post! Kelly. #mc_embed_signup{background:#fff; clear:left; font:14px Helvetica,Arial,sans-serif; }
Getting all the rooms painted before we moved in was number one on our list. After this picture was taken, I recycled some upper kitchen cabinets from another part of the remodel and used some other recycled cabinets for the bar area and had them built-in to look super custom for almost-free and added molding around the cabinets and an upper shelving unit built. Your kitchen looks great, but must comment in the photo the island has more of a tan tone to it......but I like it! The house is 5000 sq ft so it is not feasible to paint the trim. Thank you for the review of paint colors – very helpful! Also, what is the best white to pair for trim and kitchen cabinets? What colors do you recommend for cabinets, trim, and interior walls? LOL . If that is the case, you’ll want to lean a light green/gray without any blue at all in the base to get to those truer colors. I wouldn’t mind Alabaster though either now! Pillows 3. Love the paint colors! Front windows face south. It will take hours off your painting times! Just be careful to keep a lig of what % goes in what room/cabinet. The back splash is white subway with medium gray grout. Can't wait to follow along and see the transformation! In the HSL color space #ccc9c0 has a hue of 45° (degrees), 11% saturation and 78% lightness. Master Bedroom and Bathroom: SW 50% Repose Gray. Thank you! This looks like an amazing color!! Did you know you can get any paint color re-made with a portion of its formula? WAIT! Schoolhouse Lighting. I love the upper cabinets. Thank you for your help! Hi I am trying to pick a color for the exterior of my house and having a hard time. I did this at Home Depot when I wanted a sage color for my living room but lighter. The color on my interiors doors is SW Dovetail.THanks! Please help with recommendations! SW Rep told me a lot of contractors do this. Adding the touch of black helped them hide better. My Mantle is SW Dovetail. Gray Owl by Benjamin Moore, 3. This has been done for a long time for several reasons. I am considering agreeable gray or Repose for the walls in the majority of our home. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. When I lightened it, It was more on the cool side. You can also go with a navy blue like SW Naval or SW Indigo Batik. Grey fits right in. Anyway it is hard to picture these paints with a darker trim because everything you see is white. A warm light gray, it has the warmth of beige and the drama of a gray. Dash and Albert. It stays on the light side of a mid-tone gray, and shows beautifully against white trim and white furniture. SW Mindful Gray to be exact. Could you suggest a PPG brand equivalent? Hi Eric, I truly truly appreciate it. I will always keep that formula. We bought a newly remodeled home and the white is just not pleasing to my eye. It was amazing. And while Repose Gray is undeniably warmer than many of its gray constituents- which can often read blue (like Sherwin Williams Passive)- it is definitely not as warm as a … But it was SO EASY. And the island doesn't yell, "look at me---I'm the island standing alone out here in the kitchen sea!!" I have changed my mind so many times on interior paint. Could you suggest a PPG brand equivalent? Repose Gray SW 7015 Review. Wonderful review on Repose Gray. It’s one that I recommend quite frequently to my Interior Color Consultation clients. Hi Heather, They look wonderful. Both my Home Depot and my Sherwin Williams have mixed percentage tones for me when i wanted aomething a little bolder or quieter than the next color on the card. Thinking main wall color should also be repose gray (maybe 50% ? This is my current favorite gray paint color. Glad it worked for you! But once they paint the walls, the ceilings look light -- BUT not white. I agreed to leave the bedrooms that color but I need help with finding a color for the rest of the house. My favorite paint trick is to always get a second label, When they print the one for the can, I always ask for a second label then put it on a 3x5 card where I can make notes of the location it was used, etc. As you’ve probably noticed, I’ve mainly stuck with Benjamin Moore colors in my house. Here’s what the kitchen looked like a couple of weeks ago. Do you think this is a good combination and will go with our light reddish brick front entrance columns? For example, if you would like your ceiling to be quite a bit lighter than your walls, but with the same undertones, you could lighten your wall colour by 75% – or even more, depending on how light you want your ceiling to be. Also what are some good accent colors to use in bathrooms, bedrooms, laundry rooms? Repose gray was a little cool for me, a little too gray. Would this not work? When we stripped everything down to the first coat, the colors we discovered were very comparable to her recommendations. Playroom: SW 50% Repose Gray. I'm loving your kitchen! Hi there, thanks for your wonderful insight. Yes, you can definitely use it on the ceiling. You are going to love Repose Gray! My husband/artist/super hanyman has used this technique for years. Jul 6, 2017 - A tour of Two Peas and Their Pod's master bedroom and bathroom. My house is north facing, some rooms are not very bright. Hi! Whereas you can see some of the undertones Repose has in different lighting, Light French Gray stands fairly neutral. Kitchen is looking good girl! In South facing room Agreeable Gray is at it’s best, showing off the warm, soft greige color it truly is. Need help picking a paint color? Sherwin-Williams Light French Gray (0055)-We chose this gray for the boys’ rooms and it is perfect! It’s crazy how different all the grays are! Since Repose is so light, I will either go with at light cream/off-white color or use a shade almost equal to Repose, but with more of a stone cream to it. Don’t forget, when it comes to paint colors it’s always a good idea to paint large swatches where you intend to use the color. Absolutely love it! This gray has a touch more red than green and blue, but … I was stuck between Repose Grey and Eider White so I had Repose lightened to achieve a shade right in a the middle of the two colors. Haha! Would you still pair with Alabaster for trim? I wanted the color of SW Mindful Gray, but a little lighter. I need to paint a set of french doors off the foyer and the banister and looking to do in a black. I have gray kitchen cabinets so I was thinking lighter to have more contrast but I think 100% will still work. How is the artificial lighting in the basement? Medium brown wood floors, and a large patio door facing south, that provides a lot of natural light. I hope you can give some help. (sarcasm anyone?). Yes it is your book. I started writing the paint brand/name down on the backside of my light switch plates in each room. I have looked at Agreeable Gray but it appears way too taupe. I will be ordering several more for Christmas gifts. I was told this tip from a commercial/residential painter. And I’m talking the tiniest hint of purple. I have Repose Gray in my home too and it looks different in all my rooms. karianne. /* Add your own Mailchimp form style overrides in your site stylesheet or in this style block.
Wow! Any insight greatly appreciated! I have used a percentage in two rooms and SW computer system stores ones purchases so I don't even have to remember the can when I come back. Hello is the bathroom wall paint semi gloss or flat in the repose color? Sherwin-Williams Repose Gray - 7015; Evonik-Degussa 852; The hexadecimal color code #ccc9c0 is a light shade of yellow. In a basement would you recommend repose gray or agreeable gray. I love the look. For most of the ceiling and trim we paint, we use Ceiling Bright White for the ceilings and Extra White for the trim. 75% Repose Gray Sherwin Williams. It is a real, true gray! Here’s the bar—all built in and ready for molding and marble countertop and bar stools. If I’m looking for a lighter Repose Grey, should I cut by 50% or use Elder White? So I've been putting off touching it up but I'm going to have to bite the bullet and take my best guess. So creepy that he called me from his personal cell to tell me my paint was ready and when I went in to pick it up, he told me I could keep calling him on ghat number. Will Repose be too dark in a basement? A very small dab though. Your email address will not be published. Finally, I love how this gray adjusts according to the lighting. Home Depot will do any percentage that you want. Make sure to ask for a % of the formula. I think Repose Would be a great wall color. Do you want to use Repose for the walls? You’ll be happy you did. View interior and exterior paint colors and color palettes. I need to find some. I’m going with repose grey in my living room. I have had a large sample of SW Repose Gray on my bathroom wall for over 6 months. Gray Owl (2137-60 or OC-52 - same color, 2 different collections!) Is this the same color on your doors also? However, 75-90%+ can be a great way to create a tone-on-tone palette with either your trim and/or ceiling. We will have a light trim, like Shoji white, and dark bronze windows & gutters. Natural light adds blue. I am really tired of looking at the brown through out the house. I predict you're going to love your new home filled with all the love and experiences which will provide the icing on the cake! Gray Owl is gorgeous too! So why didn't you write this hint about 4 months ago when we were painting samples everywhere trying to decide on colors???????. What do you think? Hi Jana, I saw someone else post this too...but my mother-in-law always paints the ceilings and sometimes adjoining rooms a percentage of the main color. Because of this, it partners well with both warm or cool accents.. About that purple: You really wouldn’t notice it, if you weren’t told. The undertones are gray, brown, greige and an itty bitty hint of purple / blue. My eldest daughter got her design degree at a very expensive private art school.....and she told me this years ago - so yes, I knew about it and have tried it. I know , I know, you hear purple and you think if you choose repose gray as your wall color you are basically going to have purple walls. Not a surprise. White for the ceilings seemed too harsh so I had the store mix 25 percent per cent for them and it was perfect. Looking hard at Repose Gray. The gray paint trend is still going strong, and I am often asked about my favorite light gray paint colors for walls. I do have a dark harwood floor. and last tome we did white dove cabinets and part of it may have been not enough natural light, but they just looked white to me, I had been expecting them to look a little creamy. Unlike how Repose can show the purple / blue undertone it has, Agreeable Gray tends to stay docile, sticking to the griege that it is. Amazing site! I did a whole house with them and did many percentage mixes. I have a color I love and used different strengths in different rooms. Collonade Gray by Sherwin-Williams, 5. Hi Kelly, Sometimes the paint color selection can be neutral, wall friendly colors. Any help here? I like SW Pure White or Extra White. These are meant to be used as a straight white or to be tinted into. Had it lightened 50% & it looks great! On a bright, beautiful, sunny day repose gray looks its best. SO GLAD you did this - cuz it is golden, er I mean a truly Mindfully Awesome Grey! both Snowbound and Extra white will work. A room might have low or cool-toned natural light for a few reasons: It’s north-facing; It has east-facing afternoon light or west-facing morning light; There are a lot of trees outside blocking the sky; It doesn’t have many windows (or any windows) Am I just imagining this or can this happen when you lighten it down? When compared side by side you can see how SW Repose gray is cooler than SW Worldly Gray. Good to hear so many of you get samples. I’m struggling a gray color to paint my entire house. After much agonizing over greys, I painted most rooms 75% SW Repose Gray. After many trips to Home Depot and Lowes , we had scored enough cans of “Oops Paint” to get the painting done. You’re lucky to have an expert painter’s opinion! This helped me so much in my coastal home and after trying so many colors over the years, we found the perfect gray! In the first photo in your article, it think it’s a front door, darker grey. I have Alabaster in my third bedroom. Liking your kitchen. Repose Gray (#1) is too light and cold, Silverplate (#2) has blue undertones to it, and Knitting Needles (#3) has blue/purple undertones, so those three are definitely ruled out. North-facing rooms always need the lighter end of the paint chip spectrum to look good. */
. That's when they come up with these solutions - like a percentage of a color. We consulted with a person who specialized in historical colors. I actually loved it but am concerned it may be too dark on the whole house. You can try lighting it by 25%. Love your color review! Add a little pigment and they are fine. color samples on our kitchen wall before we, meaning I, chose the wall & cabinet colors. It’s close to the colors like SW Waterloo or SW Blustery Sky. The color of the door is Sherwin Williams Dovetail. Hi Melanie, Agreeable Gray is a bit lighter. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. It gives it substance so this gray paint color doesn’t fall flat or look dull and boring. I purchased a few items before we moved but I wanted to wait until we were settled before I … Do I use the same color? This was a hardware store though so now it makes sense lol. Love you!! I didn’t want to go too light in color & I’ve considered Mindful Gray but thought a true Greige might look better with the bronze accents. Thanks for your time , Hey Juni, Does the fairy leave them while you sleep? Since you take them off anyways to paint around, it was the safest way for me to remember the color. Sherwin-Williams Repose Gray (7015)-When I asked around for a good gray color, several people recommended Repose Gray. Moving into your childhood home, then making huge remodeling decisions brings both stress and excitement which you seem to be handling very well. Rockaway Beach, Oregon. Lana L. last year. I recently painted the interior of my home Repose Gray and I love it! Another way to use Repose Gray is by using it in different sheens. It would have saved me buying SEVEN paint samples and not liking any of them!

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